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Papillion Family Medicine -- 402-502-3600
555 Fortune Drive, Papillion, NE 68046
Dr. Mantler Named Best of Omaha! 2019!

Thought of the Day: 2/20/2019
WHR Rivers, an English neurologist, analyzed the shell-shocked veterans of World War 1, and wrote that people need to see, "...the world as meaningful, as comprehensible,..." and that we all need to see ourselves, "... in a positive light."
So, the question becomes, how can we help others in these areas?

Also: Dr. Mantler Voted as Family Doctor Best of Omaha! Really! Yes! Thank You So Much!

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Space Available: Do you know any Doctors who should have office space in Papillion? (Even One Day a Week?)
We have six rooms with two offices (1000-2000 square feet of medical office space) with a large procedure room available.
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