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Insurance and Bill Payment

We accept almost all insurance plans, such as Blue Cross, United Health, Medicare, etc. 

 Please call us if you are not sure if yours is a common plan.

The only common insurance we do not accept is Medicaid.

We also have a cash payment plan. (Call for details.)
To pay your bill you can call us with a credit card number, or you can use the PayPal button below. 

PayPal / Credit Card Instructions: (You do not need a PayPal Account!)
1. Click the Buy Now box below.  (PayPal will say pay RNBusiness.)
2. Use your PFM Account number for the Description / Product Name.
3. Put in the Amount you want to pay, in 'amount'.
4. The PayPal page will say, "Log In", but there is also a 'Pay with Card' option.

4. CAREFUL! PayPal has an 'automatic yes' button to create a PayPal account,
at the bottom of their page! (Turn 'off' the button if you don't want an account.)
5. Please Call Us if there is a problem!


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